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The Donovan Tales series takes place in the near future. Do super soldiers exist today? Maybe. Is there a movement happening now to create a one-world government? Perhaps.
Eric Donovan, orphaned as a child, was taken and modified to fight in an army that would take over the world. Trained and conditioned to be an assassin that would eliminate the resisting leaders, Eric cleared the path for compliance.
One man has the power to change Eric’s future, but that doesn’t come without a price.
Get comfortable and pick up book one. Join Eric as he learns to live in society, falls in love, deals with the truth of his past, and navigates an uncertain future.


The complete series is available on Amazon

Pencil with Eraser

"Two things happen in this moment: our bodies are touching, and it becomes obvious to both of us her little act of aggression has had another physical effect on me. Her eyes are on mine, then slowly lower to my mouth. She bites her lower lip and raises her eyes back to mine.

I feel a sudden, unexpected wave of desire. It hits me like a punch in the gut and I lose it. I grab her chin to hold her steady. Her lips part on a gasp, and I kiss her hard. Hard enough her head slams back and hits my door. Her hands come up and she digs her fingers into my biceps. She's kissing me back with the same ferocity. 

We're a mess of lips, tongues and teeth. I feel every drop of blood leave my brain and fill my..."

Secrets - T.A. Caldwell - e-book front cover jpeg.jpg


Book 6 in The Donovan Tales

There is one Donovan left to tell a tale.
Lily Donovan is a dedicated doctor, a bright and motivated woman who fell head over heels for her sister's handsome x-boss and best friend.
Aiden Leblanc noticed Lily too. How could he not? She's beautiful and brilliant, but he keeps her at arm's length because of secrets he can't reveal.
When a rare and terminal illness tosses them together, Lily is certain she can help. Their lives become intertwined with compassion boiling to passion. He threatens her when she learns his truth, but perhaps he forgets who her father is.
Secrets unwinds decades of lies. Lily and Aiden step out of the shadows from their past and see each other in the light. But will the truth set them free to love each other truly?


The Donovan Tales: Book 5

Sean Donovan is a decorated pilot, a dedicated cop, and loyal to the Federation, with a nose for trouble and an unquenched thirst for adventure.
Perhaps his father's early abandonment shaped his personality, or maybe it's Katie Donovan's existence. She's not his sister, but she is a constant reminder of his father's betrayal.
When they meet in rebel territory, Sean has no idea their politics clash until he stares down the barrel of her weapon.
One heated argument flares into a passionate moment, spiraling into a lust-filled weekend that surprises them both, and everything becomes complicated.
Katie chooses duty over love, but when it comes down to saving his life or hers, Sean has to decide where his loyalties lie.
Complicated, book 5 in The Donovan Tales series is a steamy near-future romance full of page-turning suspense that will leave you begging for more.



A prequel to The Donovan Tales series

Who could completely unravel a controlling, successful billionaire’s life?
A wife? No – he doesn’t have one.
A lover? He schedules them like anything else.
Your personal assistant? Perhaps, just don’t sleep with them.
It’s the mistake Brian Wilson makes when he hires Darby Williams. She’s both sexy and incompetent, and he wavers between wanting her and needing to fire her.
A business trip leads to an artful seduction that results in steamy affair. Unfortunately, they both enter this romance with different expectations.
Brian may need to adjust his to meet hers if he has any hope of putting his world back in order.


The Donovan Tales: Book one

He’s back from the battlefield and opening up to tenderness. But did the bloodshed of war follow this modified fighter to the home front? Eric Donovan traded emotions for a killer instinct. So, when the medically modded super soldier is boxed into a civilian environment, he struggles to adapt. But a forbidden kiss with an aggravating coworker gives him hope until a security breach leaves two bodies on his doorstep. Falling hard for the girl despite a lifetime of emotional repression, Eric is dismayed both by his feelings and by the danger surrounding her top-secret science project. And as his shadowy past creeps back in, he reverts to his military training… and unleashes his deadliest skills. Can Eric hold tight to his happy ending, or is his battle just beginning? Sanshain is the steamy first book in The Donovan Tales science fiction romance. If you like powerful men, enemies-to-lovers attractions, and suspenseful page-turners, then you’ll love T. A. Caldwell’s skirmish for affection. Buy Sanshain to sacrifice everything for passion today!


The Donovan Tales: Book two

Eric Donovan did the wrong thing for the right reasons when he left to protect the ones he loves. He should have known, with a past like his, nothing can stay buried, and no one he gets close to is safe.
A dutiful soldier, and a trained government assassin, Eric doesn’t question his orders. But he questions everything when he’s latest victim knows intimate details about him and proclaims to be his wife.
With his mind in chaos and his life in disarray, Eric must tread carefully through the weaved web of deception and unearth the truth about the people in his life.
But when the truth comes out, are any of them ready to pay the price?


The Donovan Tales: Book three

Eric Donovan’s life is in tatters, so is his body, and what he needs is time to heal. In a secluded mountain cabin, his physical injuries heal while he tries to make amends for the choices he made, the ones that left him without a family, a name, or a past.
Surviving on the run, Eric carries the burden of his secrets until he’s offered the chance to live as a free man. After so many years, he must now face the biggest challenge of all—coming home and confronting the family he left behind.
Eric finds the road home littered with questions, resentments, and unresolved love.
Can he find a way to absolve his past, explain the present, and find a way back to the only home he’s ever known?

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