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Pencil with Eraser

Coming in 2023

More books on the horizon

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When a mafia princess captures the eyes of an undercover FBI agent, what could go wrong?


While infiltrating a Mexican cartel, I met Selena in a hotel bar. A young Italian doctor on a humanitarian mission, she was looking for fun. I was escaping my life. It should have been one steamy night with a bittersweet goodbye in the morning.

One week later, I find Selena Delarosa, bound and gagged when I show up to meet the cartel’s leader. I can either save her or my career.  Now, I’m on the run from the cartel, possibly unemployed, and tied to a chair in her family’s basement torture chamber.

Was she worth it? Yes. I might be in love with this woman. However, cops and crime don’t mix, and between duty and family ties, it comes down to me compromising my morals. Is the sacrifice worth risking my heart?

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