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The Testa Affairs: Book one

I said no, and he stopped. I said please and he listened. I said I’d do anything and he obliged.
On the most exciting night of my life, I dressed like a princess, went to the ball on the arm of my prince. I had no idea in less than forty-eight hours I’d be on my knees, begging for his life.
When I sacrificed myself to save my boyfriend, I had no idea what I bargained for.
Dominique Testa fascinated me the evening I met him. He devastated me the night he took me, and he’s the man responsible for the hell I can’t escape.
He’s wrong for the way he’s dominated me. I’m right to deny the way he makes me feel. But the more I understand, I’m learning my perception of right may have been wrong all along.

Trigger warnings: Non-con. Dub-con. Sex. violence, and strong language. 

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The Testa Affairs: Book Two

I defied my family, and escaped my arranged marriage. I found myself alone in a strange country and used all my assets to survive. I prospered until the night I met him
One passionate night with a stranger in Las Vegas spirals me back into my old life and I’m faced with a choice. I choose a loveless marriage rather than pay for my crimes. 
The moment I step off the plane to greet my groom it becomes clear I made the wrong choice.
What happens in Vegas doesn’t always stay in Vegas, and it’s clear that I evaded nothing. The consequences become clear. I stole from the wrong man and just agreed to spend my life with him.
Available now

My orders were clear.
Kill Maria Delarosa.
I couldn’t. I promised her mother I’d protect her.
Choosing to save her might have been my first mistake. My second was deciding to take her across the country to her sister’s safety.
I might die for my disobedience if I survive this princess.
One week on the road with this woman has stripped me down emotionally. She’s spoiled, conceited, and so beautiful. As we dodge bullets and run for our lives, something changes. Maria wants to live, and she digs deep to find the bravery inside her. I fell in love. I’d do anything to save this woman. The only problem is I never told her the truth. She’ll never see me the same way when she learns my lies.

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Saving Selena: The Delarosa Darlings Book One

When a mafia princess captures the eyes of an undercover FBI agent, what could go wrong?
I was deep in the middle of infiltrating a Mexican cartel when I met Selena in a hotel bar. A young Italian doctor on a humanitarian mission, she was looking for fun. I was escaping my life. It should have been one steamy night with a bittersweet goodbye in the morning.
One week later, I find Selena Delarosa, bound and gagged when I show up to meet the cartel’s leader. I could either save her or my career. Now, I’m on the run from the cartel, possibly unemployed, and tied to a chair in her family’s basement torture chamber.
Was she worth it? Yes. I might be in love with this woman. However, cops and crime don’t mix, and between duty and family ties, it comes down to me compromising my morals. Is the sacrifice worth risking my heart?

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