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Summer is here!

Hello Summer!!!

I’m so happy to see green grass, blue sky, and leafy aspen trees. June has another special meaning for me. I am preparing my Dark Romance Duet to publish. I have the first book up for presale on Amazon, and I hope to send it out in July and the next in August. This genre is so different for me, and while I kept the same author’s name, I’m still questioning if I did the right thing! I don’t choose a genre and write; a story picks me, and I find out where it fits. It’s not the best business plan. But! I hope you enjoy the stories for those of you who do like this genre and pick up the book!

It’s not unlike The Donovan Tales series. I set it in the future because my character was a soldier with enhancements that seem possible today but, to our knowledge, don’t exist, which made it a Sci-fi – or soft Science fiction. It is just a romance.

I hope that the readers who pick up my books that they love a good story. You can find attraction, romance, and love in many different worlds and scenarios.

On that note, this summer will also see the next book in The Donovan Tales series. Expectations is getting ready to hit the virtual shelves! If you’ve read The Donovan Tales books, this is a story of Brian and Darby. Rich, powerful men are the same in this decade, the past, or the next. Women may have had less in the past, gained more today, and even more in the future, but I think our hearts still guide us.

Darby loses her heart to Brian, but she teaches him that you can’t buy everything, especially love. I hope you all enjoy this steamy romance book and fall in love with their story!

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