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Sanshain or Sunshine?

Need a little beach, need a little fun. Need a bad boy just trying to be the good guy?

Sorry, I think I was trying to write a country-western song.

Eric Donovan is not every girl’s perfect book boyfriend. He’s a futuristic, physically modified super-soldier who did help win the wars that ended up with the world under one unified government.

His story doesn’t start as a child, going through the training or the surgical procedures to modify him, but rather when the wars are dwindling, and he’s thrust into society. He trained to kill and succeed and was used in many off-book missions as an assassin. He’s been successful as a soldier but as a security advisor for Wilson Industries in his new assignment. He’s struggling.

It’s not the assignment or his boss -- that he knew as a child. It’s the people. Military life and civilian life are two different worlds, and Eric would prefer the discipline of the military to the chaos of civilian life any day.

He opposed hiring Shae Carter, and for a good reason, in his mind, but she’s lives here now, leading one of Brian Wilson’s top-secret projects on this small island in the South Pacific.

Eric knows she’s smart, but who could tell from that sunny personality. She’s like, super-scientist Barbie, and she may have won over their boss with her sunshine smiles, but he’s not giving in to her pretty face or stupid logic that he’s somehow delaying her project by making her follow protocol.

The problem is, Shae is intelligent, sweet, and it turns out she has some bad-ass skills in martial arts. What guy wouldn’t notice her? Plus, she seems to have noticed him. Could a guy like him be what she needs in a man? He’s not sure, but he’s confident of one thing. No other man here is, and while he’s unsure he’s worthy of her, Eric makes sure to shut down any others he knows aren’t worthy.

You get a little bit of everything when they find themselves on a small Pacific island. It’s fun seeing Eric come to terms with the fact he’s in love with Sanshain, his sunshine girl. Add the fact there are two dead bodies, her project seems to be in jeopardy, and his past keeps knocking at his door, and you have an action pact romance that should curl your toes and keep you turning pages.

You're welcome :)

Here's my question. I named the book Sanshain, it's the nickname he gives her, meaning sunshine. I've been advised to change the name to Sunshine because it's a word my readers would understand. The problem is, my book isn't always sunny! I'll take any comments. Also, the last book comes out Monday!!! 5/16/2022

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