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March came in like a lion!


Did you know it was March? I’m a little slow sometimes to watch the dates, but I planned to have this next book finished in February. Most months give you thirty or thirty-one days, but not February!

It was a good month, though. Valentine’s day and chocolate pie. My husband and I don’t really celebrate Hallmark holiday’s. Celebrate your mother every day, appreciate your father all the time and honor love and romance, even if it’s in bite sized pieces, but not one big slice once a year. That’s just my philosophy.

I had two highlights to add to February. One, I got out of my house and participated in a fund raiser for Makindu Children’s Program.

Makindu Children's Program: Providing HOPE for destitute orphans

It included a scavenger hunt through ‘Old Town’ Ft. Collins, half a day and six miles of walking over six blocks. Everyone on my team was feeling the pain at the end of the day. Our reward was that we didn’t come in last, and my husband and I spent some quality time with people we really enjoy.

Two, Secrets, my last book in The Donovan Tales became available for preorder on Amazon.

It may be better to read the whole series, but it can be read as a standalone as well.

I was promoting Expectations, the prequel, in February. It's a steamy little romance that leads nicely into Eric and Shae’s story. If you haven’t started The Donovan Tales, this is a good book to launch into.


For my dark lovers, The Testa Affairs have had a good year, and I have another duet to add to that world coming out this summer. Talia isn’t the only Delarosa Darling. She has two sisters that each have a crazy, action packed, love story to tell. Dive into the series with Choices, but please read the trigger warnings. This isn’t the book for everyone!

So, hello March, with the snow and cold. I’m dusting off my flip flops, because let’s be honest people, it’s almost spring!

You can find all of these books on Amazon or learn more at

Bring on the lamb!!!


T. A. Caldwell

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