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Love and Deception

I couldn't let today pass without saying something. I published book two in my debut Trilogy!!!

Yes. I'm a little excited. It's been two years since I wrote the first sentence of the first book. The Donovan Tales is a story that tumbled around in my head for many years before that. I never imagined I'd attempt to share it with anyone, much less everyone!

His story, set in the near future, is about a super-soldier who trained since he was a child to be part of an army that would conquer the world. He was physically modified, desensitized from emotions, such as love. When he's extracted from the armed forces and placed in society, he learns facing an opposing army is easier than socializing with the community.

Book one takes us through his story of learning to socially adjust to co-workers, family, and friends. It also lets us witness him falling in love for the first time, and with Eric Donovan, lightning only strikes once.

Unfortunately, life has a way of bringing the past into the present, and it challenges him at every turn. These stories take us from the time he learned how to love and through the trials and tribulations that challenge every relationship.

I think Deception is my favorite book, but it's hard to say. I love all the books! It was the hardest to write. I hope you hop on the Donovan train. The people who have read these stories love this guy, and I think it's because he's honest, not all good, not all bad, but he loves hard when he learns how to! You can find all of the stories on Amazon, starting with Sanshain here -

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