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Learning the ropes of selling a book


The last time I wrote here, I was releasing my second book in the Donovan Tales trilogy. I can't believe it's been nearly two months, but here we are in April, and my third book is getting formatted and will hopefully be released this month!

I released the first book feeling a ton of stress over sharing my story with the world, something I think any new author goes through. I had a burst of success with sales, but I know it was mostly people I know who purchased my book, and as we hit the fourth month after its release, it's already gathering dust on the virtual bookshelf on Amazon.

I saw the lag coming and hired a consultant to discuss the title, blurb, cover, and strategy for advertising. I'll be honest, it was hard listening to their advice, making changes based on that and backing up from my book baby, and letting them direct me.

Today, I'm implementing some of their suggestions but letting the last book rollout. Then I'll rerelease my original book with a new title and blurb and see if they earned their money.

Writing a book is easy, writing well is an ongoing process, and learning the ropes of selling a book is the hardest. Although like any child, you wouldn't throw them in the deep in and hope they swim on their own, so I'll keep learning and trying to get my story to the reader that will enjoy it. I'll keep learning the ropes to help it thrive.

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