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Learning the ropes of self-publishing

Updated: Feb 8, 2022

It's been more than a month since I hit the publish button for my first book, The Donovan Tales: Sanshain. I will share what I learned, which isn't a lot! I have a long way to go understanding this whole new world.

My friends, family, and people who supported me on this journey all bought in—purchasing e-books and paperback books. I knew my paperback lacked page numbers, and that's a huge rookie mistake. I'm still working out how to iron that out, but my next book, Deception, is scheduled to be live in a few days! I've done everything I didn't do on that first book. I looked it over more than twice, trying to pull out any little errors, and this was after paying someone to proofread! That's a different story, but now, I'm just thinking it's good enough. At least, I think my paperback has page numbers!

What I learned was even though you pay people to help you in this process, you are your own advocate. An editor will help you speak proper English, not help you write better. The cover is still your yes or no, and a proofreader or formatter still needs to be vetted and double-checked until I guess you know and trust them.

The downside is I'm sad this series is my learning curve. I think they're good stories, and I'm not sure how many people I'll reach to share them. The upside is I'm learning. I've written more stories to share, and with each of them, I'll know more about how to get them out there. I envy those who go into traditional publishing, but I'm glad I didn't spend the years of rejection letters waiting for my stories to be told. I've read so many Indie books that I've loved, and I'm sure wouldn't have been available without the platforms available today.

I'm gearing up for my second release in this trilogy. I know I have a lot to learn, and I send virtual kisses and hugs to everyone who has helped me navigate this uncertain terrain. The Donovan Tales: Deception is available for pre-order on Amazon here

Love you all! Happy Valentine's Day!!!!

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