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I hit the publish button!

I am 26 days into 2022 and 27 days as a published author. By that I mean a self-published author on Amazon. It's been a crazy and fun two years as far as writing goes. Of course, the pandemic hit our community and household, but I used the downtime to sit down and write. The Donovan Tales was a story that sat in my head for years before I ever put pen to paper, so to speak. It flowed easily from my brain to the screen. Then I encountered the daunting part. I haven't had a writing class since high school, and I won't give a year, but it's been a while!

I started self-learning, reading articles and books and anything I could find to help me learn to write. If I believed writing down 'Once upon a time...' was easy, I was so wrong!

My family and friends were supportive, as in they told me encouraging things, but no one really wanted to read my work and give me constructive feedback. It was frustrating! Then my friend said, "Just find a writers group." i.e., "Leave us alone!" So, I did.

It was the best thing ever, reaching out, finding likeminded people dealing with the same struggles I was. These people helped me with my manuscript, find an editor and all the other people that helped me look and sound like I speak English.

It was January 2020 when I wrote my first sentence in my first book. It's January 2022 and I've sent my baby out into the world. I have a whole new set of obstacles, learning how to help people find my story. It's fine, perhaps you stop living when you stop learning. I still have lots to learn!

The first book in the Donovan Tales is titled "Sanshain" and is available on Amazon in e-book and paperback.

It's the first story in a trilogy that follows Eric Donovan who was taken as a boy, trained to be a killing machine, then tossed back into society. In this story we share with him his first experiences learning to be an acquaintance, a friend and of course, his first love.

Read this, and if you love it, book two, Deception, is coming... February 14, 2022!

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