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Hello 2023,

I felt we should talk, because you’re going to have a hard time competing with 2022.

I had such an amazing year. Twelve months ago, I self-published my first book on Amazon, Sanshain.

Is it my best book? Probably not. Is it my favorite story? Most definitely. Today I released Complicated, book five in The Donovan Tales series. Five books in one year, is an accomplishment, but let’s be honest, I didn’t write them all in 2022. It’s not just the process between ‘Once upon a time’ and ‘The end’. There are cover designs, editors, formatting, and the worst – marketing.

To make 2022 a little more interesting, I decided to publish a dark duet unrelated to my other series. The Testa Affairs.

Outside of books, my husband and I were able to visit the grandkids at their new home in Kansas City, MO, and go to Hawaii with new friends and family, in the spring. Traveling was a sense of freedom, since we’d been grounded for a couple of years.

The masks came off, the world seemed a little brighter and summer in Colorado is always perfect. In November, I traveled to Australia with my stepdaughter. It was my first big journey without my husband, which was terrifying. We saw cities and beaches, countryside and lots of cows between Sydney and Melbourne. Our entire glimpse of that coast was beautiful including kangaroo’s and koala’s. The people were wonderful too, and I got to meet a friend I met through my writing. She became a mentor, my biggest supporter, and she taught me a lot. (Not just about writing, but the details of that will stay between us!)

The truth is, I’ve met a lot of great people in this writing community, and each one has given me insights and encouragement. The entire learning process has helped me appreciate help, find leverage on expectations and set new goals.

My goals for the new year?

1. Spend more time with my husband!

2. Remember I have a family.

3. I have this bug to travel. Covid – let me!!!

4. Organize. I filled my house/property with critters. Traveling gets complicated.

5. Get healthier. It’s silly that we find the time and means to run around the world when we’re older and our bodies are falling apart. My advice would be travel when your young and can sleep in a car, or the cold, bare ground under the stars. I wish I’d been more adventurous before.

6. Publish some books – but not like seven books. Maybe four. One a quarter. For me, that’s like taking only one cookie. We’ll see what happens.

So, 2023, this is my challenge to you. Could you possibly top 2022? To my family, friends and readers, make this new year the best year.

Coming in 2023

Secrets. The sixth book in The Donovan Tales. Lily and Aiden feel the attraction but have to weed through their family’s secrets to find their truth.

Saving Maria. Book one in the Delarosa Darlings. Nicco is an assassin who learns his next hit is a woman he knew as a child and has to figure out where his true loyalties lie.

Securing Selena. Book two in the Delarosa Darlings. Spencer is an undercover cop, but on his night off, he finds passion with a beautiful woman. It all falls apart when she becomes part of his lie.

The one. Marcus is searching for the perfect wife. Emily is seduced by his handsome face, wealth and power. A romantic weekend on a secluded island turns into Emily’s greatest nightmare, and she sees no path to escape.

A little something for everyone!

If you want to support a young author, pick up one of my books and leave an honest review so others can find new books. If you have, thank you! Say happy birthday to Complicated. You can find it here -

Happy New Year! And thank you for reading!!!

T.A. Caldwell

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