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Happy Valentines Day

February is the month all about love! We have our ‘day of love’ on 2/14. I just learned the Romanians have their day on 2/24.

Dragobete is a traditional Romanian holiday celebrating Baba Dochia (In the myth, she was related to spring arrival and the end of a harsh winter – Love her). Her child, Dragobete, a master of plants and animals and charming all the girls, became the Romanian God of love.

This day is known as “The day when the birds are betrothed.” From the hooting of the owls in our forest, I now know what’s going on.

From the information I read, the boys and girls gather flowers and sing on this first day of spring. The boys run after the girls to get a kiss, and if she likes one, she lets him. A Romanian saying is, “Dragobete kisses the girls.”

There’s another custom that made me smile. Stepping over a partner’s foot leads to the dominant role in the relationship. I don’t believe this one. My husband is a better dancer than me. I’ve stepped over his feet many times, but I can’t say I’ve ever dominated him. (Oh, I just had a story idea. Neverminded! I’m fine)

It will be weeks or months before we see flowers, baby birds, or any sign of spring – but I can bring you some heat to warm these last winter nights!

Expectations is a steamy romance. A prequel to The Donovan Tales, it’s all about the billionaire boss (Brian Wilson) and his hot new assistant (Darby Williams) and, oh, discovering how she receives his kind of kink when he treads into those waters.

Complicated is a whole different beast. Sean may have found the perfect woman for him when he stares down the barrel of her gun.

Sean Donovan isn't easy to love, nor does he find love easily. This action-pact romance will keep you on the edge of your seat and keep you begging for more as he trips into a forbidden romance.

If you haven't started the series, all of the books are angsty in a near-future setting, with plenty of drama and a promise of a happy ever after.

Heat up these late winter nights with a steamy romance book!

All of The Donovan Tales are available on Amazon and free on Kindle Unlimited.

And…!!! Secrets is coming soon!

February may be all about Expectations but watch for my upcoming release. The sixth book in The Donovan Tales takes all the secrets, lies, and deceptions and wraps them up in a tidy bow as Aiden and Lily seek a happy ever after.

Check my website - www.tacaldwellauthor .com for more updates and a peek at other books I'm working on!

Yours truly,

T. A. Caldwell

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